The Indústria de Bebidas Pirassununga is very concerned with environmental conservation and is always seeking to improve its quality standard and respect for the society as a whole. Therefore, we have developed processes to carry out reverse logistics of bottles, segregation of recyclable waste in the industry, and treatment of the effluents generated by the productive sectors properly allocating our waste.

With this important topic in mind, in 2014 the company planted and consolidated a permanent conservation area around the stream that flows through its land with a total of 1.507 m² reforested, and also created wood areas of 4.792 m² with native species and exotic plants, which have been developing over the years. 

Today our seedlings have become large trees and they represent the real result

of a small initiative with an immense purpose.

Thus, we have created a large green belt in our company which enriches

the region’s vegetation and preserves its fauna, allowing species such as the field fox,

birds and hedgehogs, to use this habitat and raise their offspring.


We are all together protagonists in the role of guaranteeing sustainability in our country seeking continuous improvement and reducing our impact.

Following ideals that Indústria de Bebidas Pirassununga believes are essential for the improvement of our environment, we work in partnership with suppliers of the free energy market which use 100% sustainable energy matrices.

Thus, in addition to contributing to reducing the impact, we seek to be an example, where tradition and 100-year-old quality are melted with innovation and concern for the sustainable development.




The production of our beverages reaches all regions of the Brazilian market and our products are distributed from north to south of the country. That reality impacts the lives of waste pickers and therefore raise an environmental awareness on our customers and consumers. 

With a concern about the impact caused to the environment, Indústria de Bebidas Pirassununga has a partnership with EuReciclo:EcoTech with the purpose to compensate for the packaging mass that we insert in each of the Brazilian states, thus doing our role in sustainable development.

Therefore, our products have the “EuReciclo” hallmark that grants sustainability security and guarantee.